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Pate du Chef Delicatessen

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During the Royal Wedding media blitz, I read a magazine profile of Kate Middleton which reported that, “She eats pâté.” It was unclear to me exactly what the author was trying to say about the future duchess. That she’s not as down-to-earth as everybody thinks she is? Or maybe he meant just the opposite: Will’s wife’s affinity for spreadable meat makes her accessible. Herein lies the problem with classifying pâté—I’m forever undecided if it’s a luxury delicacy or rustic snack. We never had pâté growing up. Much to my teenage disgust, my parents occasionally bought liverwurst and braunschweiger from the supermarket deli; later in life I sampled and enjoyed silky pâté at an upscale party or two. Then I moved to Prague and while orienting myself to the grocery stores, i.e. spending hours circling Delvita in a food-induced fugue, I discovered that pâté is a national obsession.


Czech Pharmacy Beauty Finds,

In Beauty on May 5, 2011 at 8:33 am

My beauty routine has typically been of the soap-and-water variety, but following a recent breakout my doctor sent me to the pharmacy (“lékárna”) with a list and instructions to start “investing in my skin.” Around the same time I came across an article on Gwyneth Paltrow’s heinously named but occasionally entertaining Web site, Goop, praising French pharmacies. All of this gave me back the distinct European pleasure of browsing glassed-in shelves of lotions and creams with French labels – and Czech ones, too. The products recommended here are available at your local pharmacy or on-line at or Dr. Max. Don’t forget to leave your favorite pharmacy beauty finds and tips below.

10 Reasons to Give Czech Men a Chance,

In Relationships on May 5, 2011 at 8:25 am

It’s been said that the European male is the final frontier of the ethnic stereotype, a fact confirmed by a recent spate of American commercials. But for every over-blinged Russian oligarch and Speedo-wearing Italian, Europeans play into our fantasies for their more agreeable traits, too. Mediterranean men are typecast for swarthiness, Frenchmen get points for savoir faire, and all Swedes are certainly sculpted blonde vampires.